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The Handmaid’s Tale September 12, 2005

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I have always loved Stories. But because I’m always reading novels and such, I don’t get a lot of exposure to poetry.

But, I have read a really, really cool novel by Margaret Atwood called “The Handmaid’s Tale” about a dystopia future where our earth’s environmental problems (pollution and whatnot) have caused nearly all men on earth to be unable to conceive children. The men sort of freak out and soceity collapses to a dictatorship where the rich and wealthy men enslave women as “handmaids.” If a handmaid is unable to conceive children for her man, she may be put to death or tortured.

ANYWAY, I found this poem by Margaret Atwood and found it very entertaining. It’s about a true story in the 1600s of a woman who was accused of being a witch in the witchhunts of Salem. They strung her up and she did the “air dance” all night long. Then, when they unstrung her in the morning, assuming she had died, she hit the ground and was still alive. This poem is from her perspective: “Half-Hanged Mary”. It reads like a good story.




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