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Robota (book)

“Robota” by Doug Chiang and help from Orson Scott Card. 7 outta 10.

I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed this book. I’ve never really gotten into comic books for some reason. But this book I would describe as an “Illustrated Novel.” Because it does have full pages of text–lots of text, just like any other book. But mixed in with all that text are gorgeous, sometimes 2-page paintings. The robots in the drawings are very sleek and beautifully frightening.

Keith will like this book because it’s about robots enslaving and hunting down humans. But there are some really interesting plot twists and a very clever world that the author creates. Many years ago, an alien species gave earth the power to give sentience to robots . Somewhere along the way robots and humans became enemies (obviously), but this is a problem for robots because Earth has *lost the power to make more sentient robots. This means whatever robots are there are the last ones with consciousness. Since humans are trying to kill robots, this gives the robots a desperate anger for survival.

Anyway, it’s really a good read and not too long, and has the entirely unique advantage of all those wonderful illustrations. I give her a 7 outta 10.



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